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This show is designed to be a helpful resource that people can use to find their own unique path to their healthiest life possible. There is no one size fits all “standard of practice,” and I want to show everyone that each person’s healing journey is unique to them. It is my intention to interview health practitioners from all walks of life to share their wisdom and methods so we can create an awareness that there is SO much more out there beyond our conventional medical model.
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Dec 15, 2017

Marie Houlden is a gifted practitioner, who seems to be put on this earth to do her work! She is one of my tools in my toolbox and has seriously changed my life! I am so excited that she agreed to be on the show! The work she does touches so many lives, I only wish there were more of her to go around so everyone could have their own personal energy healer. 

Nov 19, 2017

On episode one of the Real Food RN Wellness Podcast, I interviewed Pam Killeen. She is an author and one of my personal health practitioners. We dive into exploring just how toxic we are as a population, how it's affecting our fertility, and what we can do about this! 

Nov 8, 2017

The day has finally come for me to overcome my fears of perfection and to just launch this thing!! A podcast has been in my heart for almost two years now! There is only so much that I can say online before it becomes considered medical advice. I do not have the credentials to be dishing out advice that can be taken in that way. But, I have so much to say!! I am always researching and experimenting just about every healing modality on the planet. I personally have gotten a million dollar education via health podcasts. So, my way to achieve this goal is to start a podcast of my very own and interview the amazing people that I work with and listen to. I hope you enjoy it!